With this Greta rant (https://devrant.com/rants/2267376/... ) I wonder if we are now allowed to rant about non-dev related things here now. People do it already here but they do it at a minimum...

Though we fancy that we should do it with this special tag perhaps called "non-dev" ? So people can tune it out just like how some people tune out joke/meme posts?

Idk man you tell me.

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    That's what the random tag is for.
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    @metamourge yeah I did place one of my non-dev rants in random yet I got called out for it once.
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    There's 'allowed' and there's 'is a good idea'. Personally, I think it'd be best if people kept it dev-related, only because it focuses the flames on a common enemy.

    But making hard and fast rules, hopefully, won't be necessary or desirable.
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    Man that thread was pathetic though lol
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    My first thought was Greta is now on devrant ?
    What the fuck.
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    @vane I'm gonna lose it if she does get a DevRant account.

    ...except if she rants about exclusively dev things.

    Had enough of her rants on public television.
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    @jennytengsonM Definitely she is not here if she know what is cryptocurrency mining she would blame IT for climate change­čśů
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