Stupid stupid stupid API that returns a 204 on failed validations.

Informative docs? Hell no! Here's a few hundred long-ass field names that you need to pass as a JSON.

Doesn't work huh? Yeah, you're structure's all wrong. Some of these are grouped in vaguely named keys like "Wholesale".

Oh you need those as well? Yeah, you can see the whole structure if you try to GET an object.

Oh you need an ID to GET an object? Yeah you can just go ahead and create as many as you want. This is just a sandbox API, it's cool.

Oh that's not the point? Ahh you need the structure to be able to create one! *haha* Right, I'll get back to you on that.

* Email correspondence over 2 weeks time. I have still yet to be able to make a an actual successful request. The fucking 204 doesn't count if it doesn't actually create the resource.

Fucking fucky fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

I swear to god if I ever meet this guy in person, I will probably buy him coffee or beer and have a long talk about how to build proper REST APIs.

Because I'm nice like that.

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    And then put some poison in his drink, steal his money, and dump the body in a lake
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    After all that he has done to you, you are going to buy him Coffee. Really nice
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    I feel you. I used API that had in it's docs that it's "REST-like, not RESTful"... :x

    Guess what was the parameter in GET...



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    @haze Have you tried injecting it?
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    @Lor-inc I don't need injecting, I have write account for this. :P... But I haven't tried this because it's my company's client company.

    However, that API is not our client's or other small company's fault. It's a big product used by thousands of companies. 😱😂/😭
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    @haze wonder what that product is 🤔
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    Buy him a beer with a shot of ketamine on the side. Then teach him the error of his ways.
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    Do you really want to know?

    Check some of their clients...

    Their API documentation isn't easy to find on their website, but their python lib has fragments - eg https://gitlab.com/efficientip/...

    Btw, their python code has quality similar to that of their API...
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