So I was in a great mood and decided 'fuck it let's try making something, have a couple beers, make some taco's and break out the old coder lxmcf'...

Started cutting lettuce and then BAM! Cut a large chunk of my left index finger off...

So now I am unable to type properly because my finger is making me angry with pain, guess that's what I get for wanting to get back into programming

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    Some people go to great lengths to find excuses...
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    <looks at own left index finger which still has a scar after a deep cut with sharp af knife>

    Are you touch typing? (For those who don't know: touch typing is that "correct" way of typing when index fingers are on the bumps and you don't really move your wrists at all.)
    Only then you would have real problems. And if you're using qwerty anyways, you're moving your hand a lot anyways, so typing other way won't be hard.

    Hell, I even gamed with my hand after a few days. Had to do most of my movement with mouse and it hurt like hell if I forgot about that finger and used it.
    Generally: I tried to keep that finger straight, so I don't even touch the keyboard. But you can attach something to your finger from the nail side so you can use it partially for some keys.
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    Be careful with bleeding edge tech! ;-)
    Get well soon.
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    My reaction to medical issues like those is always annoyance. They're an irritating waste of time.
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    Cauterize it then get back to work. Aren't you supposed to be a lumberjack? Your making us look bad 😅
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    Forgive me for I have commited a sin... I let a minor injury get in the way, please forgive me
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    @M1sf3t and yes I am a lumber Jack, we cut wood not fingers my friend... I did get it bandaged then continue cooking taco's however... They were fucking good
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    When I was around 12 I cut off my thumb above the nail.. I can tell you, that was not fun. Apart from all the bleeding and pain, the worst thing was that I could only play PS2 with the lower half of my thumb on the stick - for months...

    So I can feel your pain.
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    @saucyatom luckily I play games on console and it doesn't effect my trigger abilities... Silver lining I suppose haha
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