Docker newbie question

Does anyone have any insight on how to rclone mount a drive , and map a volume to it for persistent storage?

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    Not sure what you mean by rclone mount, but you can use the -v argument to Docker to mount local directories onto a path inside the container.
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    @refi64 I'm a total newbie, and yes I did try that but my app container doesn't seem work, it writes some files then seems like it gets stuck. Thanks anyhow!
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    @Rundle hmm, could you be a bit more specific on what you mean by stuck? (BTW what's your host operating system?)
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    @refi64 So I'm running nginx with mariadb and nginx as a reverse proxy. If I set the volumes to be nextcloud:/var/www/html it works fine. The moment I change the volume to point to my mounted rclone /mnt/nextcloud_mount/nextcloud:/var/www/html it stops working. It looks as if only part of the nextcloud directory is generated (when comparing to the default volume). Same sort of thing seems to happen with nginx. I can give you my docker-compose.yml if you think that will help?
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    @Rundle Ah I see what you mean. Off the top my head I'm not aware of what this could be, BUT:

    - If you use 'docker exec' to run ls inside of your running container to view the contents of the mountpoint, does it look like you'd expect?
    - A quick google seems to imply that there's sometimes a weird issue where you can't use filesystems mounted after the Docker daemon was started. What if you try restarting the daemon ('systemctl restart docker' IIRC)?
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    @refi64 Alright so I just tried restarting the docker daemon, no luck :(

    I also exex'd into the container, and I can see my rclone mount. Permissions look okay, I really don't understand what's wrong.

    I appreciate your help anyways!
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    @Rundle Oof :/ honestly then I'd be tempted to say it could be an rclone bug...
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    Here is inside the container
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    @refi64 Fair enough, thanks anyways! :D
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