Boss: we need high precision volume control
Me: say no more...

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    What if I want to choose 50.0000000000000001 volume?
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    @RealKC after you choose 50, another pop up dialog will be shown up, and you have to enter the exact value, because that enntire UI is a joke...
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    Wow, I hope they're individually placed as well
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    Also sort them randomly. You'll achieve level 9000 user experience.
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    I love how the "mute" option is a check box and not a radio button
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    I wish it was checking boxes instead of radio buttons so the volumes get added
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    Like a boss...
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    It could all be checkboxes and the volume would be the average of all selected numbers. That's what I call precision.

    And mute should be the only radiobutton, because fuck you, user.
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    It's good, but it's misaligned. If you can just do 10 rows of 10, with a 100 centered at the bottom, it'll be perfect.
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    @RealKC just set the volume to 50 using JavaScript
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    @SauceBoss how sure are you exactly ?
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    Bad UI and bad UX makes baby Jesus cry
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    Funny joke: but why are there so many duplicates...
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    This goes way past 11. Awesome.
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    You think this is funny but some at my school made project which had a drop down menu for minutes and seconds... A dropdown of 60 items. My teachers had trouble not laughing I think 😂
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    @cwizard steam uses drop down for days and month and years on the shop. 117 elements in the years one
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