I'm a college graduate majored in English, and I took 6 months of web publishing class. The class was useless because it was heavily design-based. I went there to learn to code some websites, so I had to learn HTML and CSS myself with W3Schools. After that, I was tossed out to get a job, but there was no junior frontend dev position around my area. I had no idea how hard it was to get a junior frontend dev job until I actively searched for months and found no jobs. Now I lost all the passion for learning to code and motivation to become a frontend dev. I applied for a web designer, and got silently rejected. Maybe that was because I sent a resume and portfolio with "junior web developer" printed on them. I have no desire to do design stuff. However, my major is English, and I want to become a sort of developer. I know there are hundreds of backend jobs, but I'm not sure I could even learn some backend coding alone as a non-major. Now I'm wondering what way I should take. Can somebody please give me advices? There's no one to help me in real life. I'm lost.

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    Of cause you can learn.

    I an mostly self learned granted I started much earlier.

    But backend is not more difficult than front end, especially if you dislike design, its probably easier.

    Just think of every call as its own program that does one thing, serve an answer.

    Pick some easy project to begin with where theres either no need for any complex design or where you can just copy the design as a mochup for frontend.

    Coding is coding whether you do front end or backend, its mostly state management thats different
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    @Voxera Thank you! You're the only one who answered me. I was hoping for anyone a non-major dev to answer. I really appreciate it. I'll try studying back-end and JS framworks to see which path is better for me.
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    U probably should do an internship first. In the web I would not suggest self teaching especially if u are new to programming. Practice HTML and js, only cover most important css. Join Meetup usually they held at companies and u can land an internship pretty easy there if u re motivated
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    @noogli Thank you for replying, but there's no dev internship around where I live. I'm able to enroll an developement institute to take a back-end class on next spring.(The class I took was a part of government's career plan. This is a limit.) Maybe I'll try that. Until then, I'll have to study by myself.
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    I believe English language will not be an issue for you. So I also suggest you to do self learning on programming.

    Frontend, backend, js, python, c#, java, php, doesn't matter. Just get to know things and see how do you feel about "the" language. Once you found which one you like, you can learn more advanced things on that path.

    While learning and after learning, I would also suggest you to build a good portfolio (a github profile with active repos is enough). Hobby projects, contribution to open-source projects, freelance projects, volunteer projects, whatever just put everything on your portfolio.

    Lastly I guess you are from Korea (judging from GitHub name), so if programming career doesn't bring you enough $ for monthly expenses, please look for other source of incomes such as tutoring English.

    If programming is your passion, I don't want you to hate your passion in future if it couldn't earn well.

    Keep trying!

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    @cursee That's really helpful! Thank you. This is the best dev community I've ever found. People are so kind and funny. I'll keep what you said in my mind. I'll keep updating my Github. :)
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