Phone-interview with a recuiter from a big consultning company.
Her: So, what programming languages are your strongest?
Me: That would be Java, as it's been used through university courses and privatley I've been making some C# projects
Her: Allright cool. What about object oriented languages?
Me:... Erhm.. That would again be Java and C#...

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    I wonder how "recruiters" can find any job match if they have absolutely no idea about the jobs in question.
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    @Fast-Nop money is a good motivator lol
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    Next question:

    Her: Allright cool. What about cross platform languages?
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    @Demolishun what about languages used to serve webpages?
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    As an ex recruiter, I can confirm that you receive zero training or even basic understanding in the skills you're hiring for. You get told to match keywords to keywords.


    Reed Technology Senior Consultant as well as 4 other companies over 5 years.
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