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    Maybe it's for later need.. like adding some conditional if, etc
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    He'll then proceed to publish it as an NPM package... Only to be removed later breaking thousands of CI builds
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    So... what's so bad that a 12 year old made a sort function?
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    @theuser its his eyesight; why would you ever need the font that fucking huge
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    Guys guys. Its not about the list.sort return.list. The kid was born retarded, which you can tell by him using Python.
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    At least he respects the python style guidelines for naming lmao
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    @Pyjong I'd feel called out but your username makes me think this is also a self callout :p
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    @BitWise uhuh yea I chose my nickname after Python
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    Reuse the method and reduce the code 🤓
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    This is the sort of meme that devRant really deserves.
    <Give this man a cookie!>
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