Give me errors, give me all your errors. You are absolved... And I will not be bored today.

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    got a nasty one if you want it, where php reports out of memory of 256kb, while nowhere in tany config, script or command it's set to lower then 500MB, it happens every now and again, and when it happens we can never figure it out and leave it for a few days until the error goes away
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    @DarkMukke oh, that's easy to fix, just leave it a couple of days. Should go away. 😉

    Sorry, PHP not my forte
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    Docker swarm with 3 devices (1 master, 2 workers). Nginx service with 2 replicas publishing port 80. I can Telnet inside each container and get a reply for my requests, but I cannot access any page from the outside (tried accessing port 80 of all 3 nodes)
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