Everybody keeps telling me that public transport is better than driving a car. So SBB (rail company) is doing some constuction on a station and i have to take a rail replacement bus. Which is now stuck in traffic.
So like an overly full bus with the heating stuck to max is just creeping along the road. Past a single station that is on repair!
Fuck it im going by car to school even if parking is expensive af!

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    @netikras For 50+ km???
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    @netikras Every scoot does good.
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    @JFK422 When I went to uni, it was 50km one way, and always by train because I couldn't even afford a car.

    It was 50km uphills both ways, the windows were made out of wood, and the service was not yet that good as to have weed vendors in every station.
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    @Fast-Nop Atleast it wouldnt cost 23$ one way!
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    @JFK422 I had a monthly ticket with student discount, that was 200 DM per month. Would be easily 200 EUR today or about 5 EUR per single way. Single tickets would have been prohibitive.

    Switzerland is surely more expensive, but not with regard to the higher average income. I mean, a pizza at 20 EUR is not unheard of in Switzerland.
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    @JFK422 there are scooters that can take you 100+ km w/ a single charge, so why not 😁

    or, you know.. A bike :)
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    But if you go by car, won't you be stuck in the same traffic that the bus is in now?
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    Buy a motorbike 🙂 it is the best! No stinky people in summer near you... No sick people in winter near you.. You can pass the cars easily and u don't have to wait on traffic lights too long 😄
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    @netikras If i took a scooter it would be a LOT slower than public transport.
    @Fast-Nop I know the tickets are expensive but with such a price tag, they are only making more incentives to use a car.
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    @gardendwarf Exactly my thought after buying a car.
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    @JFK422 well.. Depends. Unless you're riding the tube, 50km/h w/o bus stops, [most of] traffic lights, traffic jams,.. And being able to charge back up at work. No parking fee. No schedules or multiple transports,..

    The most annoying thing would be bad weather :) and winter ofc.

    Sorry, I'm just too hyped about my new e-twow to keep my biased opinion to myself 😁
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