Is there some sort of Query Builder for ElasticSearch?

I have ELK setup and in Kibana can generate all the aggregation visualizations but now I want the data to be usable in a program so it can generate reports like who are our top users.

But the aggregation queries seem to be very verbose... not sure how anyone can generate or understand it by hand vs telling Kibana I want a chart with X and Y axes using these terms.

IDeally I'd like to have Kibana then tell me what's the actual JSON/Elastic query it used to generate that but can't seem to find something like that.

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    And I answered my own question... Kibana is the query builder... because it has to query Elastic each time it refreshes....

    Check the HTTP calls when I press refresh and there it is.... juust need to change the date values. And well parse the resulting JSON.
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