Is it worth to have an intel i9 yet ? Or softwares doesnt know yet how to take advantage from it ?

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    I’ll put this way :
    I still have Core I7-3770K at home, not overclocked. I’m yet to see it being used at 100% (Besides video encoding)
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    If you want better multithreading, go with AMD.
    If you want better single-core speeds (really only useful for gaming) and poorer performance in absolutely everything else, go with Intel.

    In other words, go with AMD.
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    You should save your money and wait a generation if you’re set on Intel, just a personal opinion
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    @Plasticnova i9 seems to be that bad ?
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    @devapsarl not saying it’s bad exactly, I’d just give it a bit
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    Like @Root mentioned, a 3700X will be slightly better than an i9, and a 3900X will annihilate it (all that for cheaper).
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    @Jilano no you idiot, thats only a ryzen SEVEN, vs a core i NINE, you fail to see how 9 is more than 7????
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    @tekashi Oh my god! You're right?! I see now, for I was blind before!

    That reminds me of a story taking place in the USA. To fight the 1/4 pound burger from McDonald's, A&W started selling a 1/3 one at the same price. Unfortunately, mathematics wasn't the strongest suit of the consumers of said food, so it failed horribly because people thought 1/3 was smaller than 1/4.

    The issue with fractions is even funnier considering people have to use them everyday there with imperial measurements.

    Source: https://mentalfloss.com/article/...
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    @NoToJavaScript i have the same exact processor for my home machine
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    If you are a server farm, maybe.
    If you are a normal human - no
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