Well this year ARM Surface such a disappointment. And I already saw this coming,
Putting the $999 is not cool
The original IPad was price $499 from the start. The Surface Pro X should compete the ChromeBook not Ipad
Which is obviously don't even have a chance.

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    of course you put in consideration

    - 499$ 10 years ago had a different value
    - the ipad was basically a toy (not that it's a professional device now)
    - the specs should be compared to an ipad pro

    and no, I'm not going to buy it
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    @dontbeevil The surface on ARM basically a toy now
    What "pro" is it gonna do right now ?
    no photoshop, no code, no graphic design
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    @StrypperJason all the things you mentioned are possible
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    @dontbeevil It had been 8 years and the WinRT developers community haven't grown
    The Windows on ARM OS only have a potential when it attract enough developers. The
    Emulation won't get better through time
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