So... what the fuck is wrong with people in this company for fucks sake!

Dudes use promises and always call resolve()

Me: And how do you fucking handle errors?!
Dude: Well we call resolve with 2 arguments and error goes first obviously!
Me: why no callbacks for fucks sake!!
Manager(defending the dude): you don't understand we told the client that we would use bluebird promises. Client liked it so much that is why we got the job in the first place!
Me: (jaw opened - silence)....
Dude:(goes out happy for winning the argument)

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    Get out of there. Find anything better. If they are not allowed to change specs for the best of the program/deal with the client... is not a good place. Are they afraid to have a meeting with the client to say "hey we're gonna optimize this, this way"?...
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    @ivannieto you did not get it. Hey used buzzwords to get the job done. Of course they are clueless about what they promise is. Assholes
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    @slinavipuz sales department. And my programming "seniors" do not know how to use promises.
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