How machine learning works,

Interviewer: What's your biggest strength?
Developer: I am a quick learner
Interviewer: what is 1 + 1
Developer: 30.
Interviewer: Not even close, Its 2.
Developer: 2

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    What if the interviewer doesn't tell you the correct answer?
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    binary search it is.
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    -> joke/meme

    There is a category for jokes.
    Please don't take it personally, but this is at least the fifth time I have read this joke on devRant. As those jokes get posted very often here, many people just ignore filter the joke/meme section out.

    Edit: I see, you already put your next post in the correct category. ;)
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    Do you happen to know my great-grandfather or why else are you telling his jokes?
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    yeah, just stop it.
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    @@Fast-Nop what happened ?
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    @kamen you keep on going until you get the correct answer 🤣🤣
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    @Sundeep What @Fast-Nop meant, is, that this joke is very old.
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    That did make me chuckle, thank you for cheering up my dreary morning
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