Machine learning, AI, deep learning. Why are all these a magnet for snake oil salesmen?

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    Because the real value of this technology is very much present in industry as well as applicable to a wide array of items.

    I hate it when people jump on bandwagons, but just like everyone jumped on the zomg a program for everything we can now do this shit with ML in which we can absolutely most definitely automate the fuck out of a lot of things with godlike precision
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    Because people don't understand it. It slowly achieved legendary magical status thanks to articles like "Googles AI learned to think like a retarded cat!" And other shit like that... Technology that is easentially magic can be sold to fools for millions...
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    Because magic compy go beep boop alacazammy show me what dressing people like to eat carrots in
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    That's peanuts! All the snake oil salesman are selling Blockchains these days
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