Why is there always one asshole!

New job just a month in, had a meeting where we could bring up improvements and put them on cards.

I brought up the idea of using slack so we could collaborate better or maybe a collab space. We all have our own offices or share with high walls.

The guy running the meeting has the same title as me said we never had that before, are you unhappy with yiur onboarding?

Slack or a messaging app is industry standard for even none tech companies. I was polite and said it was just a suggestion and it might make it easier to get help for the new people if there is a group chat.

Also brought up using a formatting standard so code reviews are spent commenting on spacing. I said we could you prettier to implement that and just pick a standard.

He said that was an issue because people were not paying attention before they pushed the code.

I am sorry I am new so I am rewriting and rewriting code all the time. I was to format on save and not spend time fucking formatting!

I could use a package before since it I formatted it would look like a bunch of fucking changes in git.

Why make things harder? Part of the meeting was how to get code done and PR’ed faster so it gets to the testers. Autoformatting shit would help.

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    It's good that they ask for suggestions. But, don't think that they are wrong in not agreeing with all of yours. Example, I don't like auto formatting. I have my preference, and others have their own. It's an area where, IMO, some leeway should be given. A personal anecdote: Slack was forced on us a couple years ago because a new manager was hired that used almost your exact wording. I was very resistant. Over time, I have become less so. So, keep making your case. "Industry standard" is not a convincing reason BTW. That's just keeping up with the Joneses. "Because collaboration" is not convincing either because that's just an square in buzzword bingo. Try giving a demo instead. In the end you may still not convinced them, but that's Ok too.
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    I hate messenger stuff in office because it's synchronous communication, and that should be minimised to what's really needed.
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    The point wasn’t that he didn’t agree with my suggestions the point was he turned them into other things.

    He took asking for collaboration area or slack means I was telling him he was doing a shitty job in onboarding.

    Asking if there was a possibility of having coding a standard was an opportunity for him to say I committed shitty code.

    I am no way saying him not agreeing with me is being an asshole. He was using my suggestions to throw me under the bus, that made him as asshole.
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    @katbreitin Fair enough. That does sound like an assholish way to respond.
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    imagine you have two
    or none
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    What a dick.

    Something similar happened with me too. Because I'm stubborn, used my free time to create the company's standards and template, even though my boss said was a waste of time because the shit one they had was enough.

    When I finished, everyone was using it, so as the boss. He never said anything, pretend we had never thos conversation.
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