Greetings from vacation! Gaming in Hawaii be like:

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    that's because your in hawaii. On vacation. In Hawaii...

    For godsakes unplug man 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    As I tagged, it's naptime. Gotta stay near at hand while the kids sleep. We'll get out and about after naps. We're checking out a brewery down the road this afternoon. We went to the beach this morning and saw sea turtles. This is a vacation, not a LAN party. I'm aware.
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    @bahua fair enough, I suppose you can't just drop them off at the hotel room. naptime made it sound like you had nothing better to do since the internet was down 😅
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    I don't even take my laptop on vacation. #righttodisconnect
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    @Puroguramingu vacation is the time when i read most of my books that pile up
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