I was given a project to fix and improve a legacy unity VR project I was told was for the oculus rift Now the problems started almost immediately partly stemming from the fact I’ve never used unity before this project was handed to me as my long term TA assignment
And partly from the fact there was no oculus integration in the game at all. it was built for GoogleVr and most of the code the last person wrote consisted of massive sections (25-50 lines) of commented out code and no explanation of what the hell the non-commented parts are supposed to be doing

So long story short. I’m now in a basic unity course, six feet deep in documentation trying to read resources that go way over my head in understanding, and am rebuilding the project from basically scratch (took the assets and saved the c# scripts for reference) and have finally figured out how to at least get the player character constantly moving forward and stream in the WRLD3D environment like the last guy did. Now to get the player character to turn and change direction when the player turns their head with the oculus headset

By the way. WRLD3D is a really cool api thing in my opinion

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