Funny thing just happened. I called my bank to verify my card with Apple Pay. Here’s how it went:

> Calls bank with number supplied by phone.
> “Thank you for calling [Bank] Bank!”
> ...
> A minute passes and still ringing
> wtf.jpg
> About thirty seconds in and the ring seems fainter than before.
> [2:00] is it just me or is my speaker dying...
> [3:00] no, it’s definitely getting quieter.
> [3:30] why is no one picking up???
> [4:00] now it’s so bad I have to hold it to my ear
> [4:30] now it’s blending in with the white noise
> [4:45] yeah, no. This is only static now.
> [5:00] this’ll be good for DevRant...

> calls again
> same thing happens
> ohwell.mov

Let’s try again tomorrow, I guess.

Edit: like always, I forgot the picture

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    Good tags.
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    @Cyanide thanks, I have put considerable effort into thinking of them and not just typing “tag” and seeing what shows up and clicking them. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Smart, by letting customers hang up you can avoid helping them
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    @RustyCookie Oh oh! I know! Good customer services and satisfied clients!
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    @RustyCookie well I don’t want to wait a half hour… ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Let’s see what happens tomorrow lol
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    Just facetime them
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    Both the banks I've used setup App Pay automatically via their apps without the need to call them.
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    @jonii bet

    @delegate212 that’s quite interesting. Just if mine did that...
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    I rang them twice earlier today for 10 minutes and 30 minutes respectively.

    I am also in the progress of calling them again rn and I just hope nobody is listening. I made the biggest fart ever. But hey, once he 5 minute mark comes, I’m going to take @jonii’s suggestion and FaceTime them. Wish me luck.

    Update 2:
    I actually tried FT and it just went back to the phone screen you see in the original screenshot.
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