What the fuck is wrong with you Windows?
Why the hell do you take so much time to load?
Actually, FUCK YOU.

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    Honestly I feel like I'm the only person on planet Earth who never had a bad experience with windows on an ok computer. It was never slow, updates never interrupted me, and the UI is clean and easily understandable.
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    @shoop I may be kind of second
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    @shoop you must have an unicorn in the basement or spent a truckload of time customizing.

    A lot of the windows interface does have a nice clean look and feel though. Window management is also really good. I'm not a typical Windows hater but it has some real issues in my opinion. Issues that are frustratingly long present or even getting worse (keep finding more administrative settings harder to find or do at all)

    On stuff you mentioned specifically:

    When the update notification stuff was reworked I even got dropped out of an online game session Windows XP style. Fucking popup!!! I think they fixed it; have not had it anymore in a long time, but hey let's wait for another upgrade.

    My PC scores an 8.8 (Windows score that is now only accessable trough Powershell. Hidden away like far, far more important settings) yet my game is sometimes super slow due to some bs background service like OneDrive or cortana. NTFS is just super inefficient. So even with a fast M2 SSD copying a large amount of files takes ages (well several minutes vs a few seconds on an OS with decent FS).
    Also the not clean so by default Start Menu opens slow at times due to connected services (that is my guess).
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    @shoop not the only one.

    I also like windows.

    Yes there has been things, but I have had similar with linux which I have used a lot.

    I believe all os has their quirks but if you use mostly one you learn to work around or ignore them and when switching you notice the other os quirks much more.
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    I have windows 10 and boot takes literally seconds.

    Its no super computer either but it has an ssd os disk.
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    Windows has always been a roller coaster of issues from 3.1 days through to w10.1903, although most of the issues you came to learn work arounds for and they stopped being issues.

    As for boot time,
    - Windows without an SSD, 30-90 second boot time

    -Windows with an SSD, 5-15 second boot time.

    I'm counting boot time as press the
    button and screen to login appears.

    Windows 10 claims it can run on low spec machines, it's not lying, but it won't be enjoyable either, if your primary hard drive is still a disc drive with platters and not an SSD, you can stop complaining and go buy some hardware to fix your current problem.
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    @hjk101 I spent 15 minutes customising the system, by just turning off updates and setting up my account. I never ever had trouble with popups before, as you say, never had any popups and it only updated when I shut it down. Boot time takes seconds, and fire transfer never suffered. Idk what to say even
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    I was always the windows user but when i since i have dual booted to Ubuntu, ms update system has got fucked up.
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    @shoop you're not alone, running a windows 10 system here as well and it just...works.
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    @shoop welcome to the club. Windows, it just works.
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    @RememberMe @VaderNT Wait wasn't that an apple fan boys exclusive word!? "it just works"
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    @42py yes. It's funny how the times change. "Change is the only constant" indeed.
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    @Voxera ow yes they have the booting down since Windows 8. The kennel hibernating works brilliant. It is still a bit heavy on login/shutdown though.
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