Azure Functions has become a Joke? Does anyone use it here? It keeps on stopping for me and I have to change runtime version to get it up?

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    I guess this applies to you https://github.com/Azure/...

    Be sure to follow that github repo for announcements
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    @jespersh It was set to ~2 by default and it still had issues. Right now, I am having another issue where the functions are not even visible
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    I just changed it to ~1 and back to ~2 and functions showed up and worked correctly
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    What gets me is why the UI is so slow and Why doesn't it auto restart when it fails to open? How do I get alert when my functions are not working?
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    wtf is this
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    i cannot be the only one having issues.
    UptimeRobot status for 24 hours
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    Is your code explicitly setting a version too?
    And I'd contact portal support to hear what is up
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