ok this may look like a lazy ass beginner crying out for spoon feeding( which it kinda is), but i want some real industrial training in non documented Android coding.

For last 2 years i have been reading tons of Android articles and documentation on "how to use this library", "how to add this feature", "what this function of this class does", but not much about how to use it efficiently, like the way its used in industry.

When I interned with a startup, all they wanted from me was to push new design changes, fix layout bugs and work as fastly as i could. I had no time to understand their core code, which had so many things that i could have learned : those mvp/mvvm design/architecture patterns, dependency injections, kotlin , coroutines, state management designs, data bindings, eventbuses and handling, and VIPER,RIBS (I mean, not everything was particularly in their code, i picked up a few keywords from here n there)... a lot of stuff that is used by many apps for their codebase.
I can read up these stuff by myself, but i always end up feeling bored coz frankly, i got no big/valuable project to implement it upon and feel excited about it. I feel that open source projects from OSS companies could be my window, but their chat spaces are also mostly empty to discuss/get some guidance.

I want some specific training about these. Can you guys provide any online/offline course/company training/books in this subject, the best practices?

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    There ain't much to do there other than to just build differrnt thing that you can add to your bag of tricks.

    I was the lead in a medium sized andorid/ios app development project and I hated... HATED working with Android, shit was so complex I have nightmares regarding going back to it. So i actually respect your intent in really getting good at it.

    At the core, its Java/Kotlin development which involves design patterns, you get good at those, you get good at Java/Kotlin development with Android.

    Just don't let the sheer amount of shit to learn beat you down, focus on specific small things and think about how you can apply them on a larger scalable solution and if possible try something like the big nerd ranch book on android, they walk you through a lot of things.
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