It was an intern job for 2.5$ /h. I removed a bunch of technical debt, made their modx site localized (with a weird approach though but hey, I was an intern) and wrote a few new pages. I loved every minute of working there until the end, but had it lasted a bit longer than a month I'd have probably burned the place to the ground when I realized that my friends had earned twice as much at McDonalds and I could've earned about the same amount writing one excel macro a day.

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    That's why we should be thinking about what we learn, not how much we earn.

    (That's so fucked up though)
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    Gotta hate knowing how much "better" the other person is doing.
    We'd be happier if we didn't know the greenness of the neighbour's yard.
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    Or if we didn't mind it being greener.
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    @gnog But this meant two extra festival days for them. Money isn't just a number, $ is a unit of entertainment, and $/mo is a unit of living standard. Not something to ignore when you're the exception.
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