Client: The webpage has been inaccessible all weekend!!

Me: Oh you mean the page you need to have a VPN connection to access?

Client: Yes that one!

Me: Are you connected to the VPN?

Client: Oh...no I'm not. *connects to VPN* Its working now.

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    I love the "it's working NOW" part.
    As if it wasn't working before...
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    @dindin from his perspective it wasn't working. Never said it was broken.
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    I get this at least once a week.

    Internal user: hey i cant access Kibana

    Me: are you in office?

    User :no

    Me: are you connected to the vpn

    User :no, [connect and works]
    User adds : why is it so complicated cant you just open it up to the internet

    Me: sure do you also want me to put a sign that says attack here for access to all company data in a super easy queryable format
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    That always the same problem :c
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    wow... I just read its working now. :P the best part...
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