I'd like to follow along with some react tutorials, but pretty much all I'm finding are ones that either just have blocks of code (with little to no explanation) to copy/paste or just a link to github.

Do any of you know of any good, well explained tutorials I can follow along to that actually explain what they're doing (and actually end with a sample project, so not just theory).

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    Pick an idea from dribbble or similar and code it in React. Repeat till every time you do a change, it takes less time, and you are comfortable with the structure.

    Learned React 2.5 years ago, the tutorials were waaaay worst than today.

    I think this advice is good for any stack you want to learn. Also, tutorials and articles are like playing "broken telephone". Just read directly from the docs and test stuff.
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    @bartmr fair enough point. Learning by doing is my preferred method, that initial start is the pain in the arse is all.

    I think getting a couple of sample projects under my belt then allows me to try your way, but without that, chances are I'll just start with basic misconceptions that I'll then have to unlearn. For example, even as simple as what is the best way to create the initial structure, via a script and then modifying or by hand, but without really knowing what I don't know yet. etc.
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