I write loads of services, tools, programs for myself (unpaid) which I could just as well open source.

Only thing is that the code is usually not that clean and refactoring would take time that I don't have so I'm kinda anxious about putting it out there 😧

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    The great thing about open-source is that people can contribute. So if they would like to change something, they can. Of course it might be a bit more involved if it's not the best code, but that can also serve as a learning opportunity.
    I did get some practical experience during my studies, but exclusively in greenfield development. No experience in refactoring. So I would be pretty grateful for an opportunity like that.
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    You could post them under a nickname to hide your other nickname! Something like... "DefinitelyNotLinuxxx"
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    @korrat I put some stuff on my private gitlab instance, nobody can make an account there but I don't trust gitlab or github itself so yeah... 😬
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    Github is currently like youtube of code if you don’t advertise and don’t have lots of subscribers probably nobody cares.
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    @vane I won't use github anyways, due to it being owned by Microsoft now!
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    @linuxxx Let’s face the truth that about everything today is financially dependent on corporate or government money. In fact you use software or services sponsored by corporate money everyday and everywhere.

    Materialistic world and globalization is slowly eating humans and converting them into batteries working for imaginary things written on bank accounts.
    That’s called capitalism and bank credit.
    Enjoy the ride.
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    @vane It's me about the mass surveillance programs primarily. If I have a choice, I'll stay the fuck away from companies which are integrated within those illegal mass surveillance networks, period.

    You might call me crazy but I'm not ready to sell out my soul, yet.
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    @linuxxx I feel your pain. I hope to move to some place near the ocean in third world country. Live simple life, smoke, watch the waves, learn to surf. Leave this mad mans world.
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    As someone who uses a lot of open source tools that I stumbled upon, I'd like to encourage you to put up your projects, maybe someone will stumble on it, maybe not.
    Maybe someone who really wants to add a little functionality might make a fork with some additional features. I have tons on my public GitHub. Not cause I've built something for others, but because there really isn't anything to loose and someone out there may actually find it useful someday or improve on it.
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    @andpeterson Can one fork projects from a private gitlab instance on github?
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    @linuxxx Gitlab offers the possibility to mirror branches to Github.
    And there is always the option to use "manual" forks. You only lose the option to open merge requests.
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    I'd really like to see what you came up with :) I'm also looking to write some tools to make my sysadmin job easier but it already feels so automated (or abstracted) that I don't really know what to do! hahaha
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    Lucky for you there are people like me who love refactoring code on open source projects! I wonder how many of these kinds of projects are laying on drives because people feel like you and we never ever get to experience cool new things.
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