devRant UWP client

3 years, 65 updates, 1.507 commits.
3 users donated a total of €16.97 (~€10.91 after Microsoft's fee), not enough for a payout, so I would say €0.

But it was still worth it, awesome community.

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    How much more do you need for a payout?
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    How many active users?
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    Send the link and I'll pad that one up to 50 for you. Keep up the good work.
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    You’ve done amazing work on it and we really appreciate it. Hopefully we’ll hit the point where we can give some $ back to it when we’re cash flow positive, getting there, slow but steady.
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    @Kimmax less than 10 per day, according to Microsoft's data, so may be not accurate, but it's dying very quickly. In fact in the best period it was used by about 300 users per day (still not very much unfortunately).

    @p100sch it would be to much, man… 😳
    Anyway there is a donation page in-app ("About" -> "Donations").

    @dfox it was an amazing experience, the best way to learn stuff (thanks to you!), so I've really never done it to earn something else than knowledge.
    And now, after 3-4 years, I develop apps using .NET (Xamarin, not UWP) as a job, so it was the best project in my life. It still is but I have less time and as I said above just a few users still use it.
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    @JS96 I stopped using it shortly after Microsoft killed of Windows 10 Mobile.
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    @Codex404 Microsoft killed it
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    @JS96 I'm one of those 10 (unfortunately). Thanks for your app.
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