Confessions of a javascripter: C# is beautiful.

That is all.

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    I am glad you saw the light ;-)
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    @FrodoSwaggins Golang, Ruby, PHP. I have had exposure to a number of others, but no significant time spent with them. I thought Go was great, but after it’s relative simplicity stopped being a novelty, I started to pine for more power out of the box. I really tried with Ruby, but I just cant stand it. Worked with it full time for 3 months. I realise its tidy, and beautifully designed...but it never ceases to feel like a fat crayon in my 3 year old fingers, and Rails made me livid. Coffeescript yuck. Haml yuck. Sass yuck.

    C++ intrigued me until I found out it takes 39924 years to learn it. Python is old and chubby and funny looking, but I thought he was pretty cool, just didnt get that long with him.

    C# I love you. .NET (core 3) you can stay too.
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    Will I get roasted for saying, that as an intermediate beginner, I love NodeJs?
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    @Ranchu I am one of those who won’t. Javascript has treated me pretty well; I just appreciate the intentionality of C# coming from javascript land, thats all...
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