Started my own business 14 years ago orso......

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    And how is it????
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    @SukMikeHok hard work, grey hair, stress, lawsuits but somehow we became the industry leader.

    If you can take the stress and abuse the results can be rewarding though. (Not talking about money)
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    @GieltjE tell me more details about each of those attributes
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    The physical attributes are caused by the continuous pressure/workload or whatever you want to call it, and it does take a toll.
    The lawsuits will come at some point when the competition can't win or starts losing business or a partner feels wronged etc.

    The best bits are the satisfaction of being able to pay your employees and the business being able to function without you being around. That's the tricky bit, allowing people to do your work and keeping them happy.

    Money isn't the end goal and even becomes more trouble than value, if that statement isn't true I don't think you have grasped the true nature of collaboration and sharing, the true values.

    If I've missed something feel free to ask.
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    @GieltjE interesting i want to hear even more details but via live chat

    Add me on discord

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    @GieltjE bro is it possible to start a company as 1 man? Or do i need at least 1 more person to run together?
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