Why do developers out there think java is a write off just because of kotlin's existence? Java isn't going anywhere fam, you know how large the community of Java programmers is? You'll hardly find stackoverflow answers written in kotlin. Kotlin is the official language just as c# is for Microsoft but that doesn't stop anyone from writing windows software with java. Stop scaring potential java programmers with "ANDroId iS rOotiNG For kotlIN" for fucks sake.

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    Because people want to be "big" on the next big thing, and there cannot be such thing without the old one dying. (Cf. PHP vs JS for web development)
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    @Jilano CF? Cold fusion died years ago... as far as the world is concerned, except those poor souls that still deal with it.

    Like all languages, they go through their replacement phases, x is better then y, everyone is using y - stop using x today.

    Except one with remains the same, these older languages have proven them selves battle ready for their appropriate usages and have stood the test of time.
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    @C0D4 I see your "y" and raise you my "z".
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    It's not Kotlin, it's JRE + JDK. Many "nice" things in Java are only there because of Oracle and you need a licence to develop & use them; on the other hand Kotlin libraries provide open-source alternative. Kotlin doesn't require JRE either; while most Kotlin code still compiles to byte code, Kotlin can be compiled to JS or native as well, which significantly cuts development costs for server-client software by having all parts use the same language & tools. Sure Java ain't going anywhere, but Kotlin does have some significant financial benefits over Java, AND it can use pretty much all existing Java libraries.
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    Q: Why do <x> think that <shitty shit> is a write off just because of <less shitty thing that can do the same job>

    A: Wishful thinking, everyone knows deep down that the shittier the shit is the longer the stench sticks around and no amount of febreze will get rid of it completely but they still hope that this time it will be different, this time that shit will go away for good..
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