I had never had a mac, but am pretty comfy with linux instances in the cloud and use them all the time.

Now I've had a mac for 2 days, why didn't I know that MacOS is basically Apple selling a 95% Ubuntu overlapping OS under their own brand.

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    Its not based on linux or ubuntu, but on unix. Still close enough for a user to comfortably switch between them.
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    It was derived from BSD... soooo
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    It's basically a hackneyed BSD under the hood, with some things (like Darwin, the kernel) at least nominally open source. Claiming "95% Ubuntu" is stretching things a lot, even if you don't know that, though.
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    It's certainly not ubuntu.
    That's akin to calling all sodas "95% coke" -- even dr pepper and 7up.
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    Btw, shameless promotion for FreeBSD here. It doesn’t get repped here enough, it’s a fucking fantastic os.
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    I‘d rather say ubuntu has cloned alot of macos UI specifics like the menubar. Furthermore macos i way more stable and nothing breaks during update (especially sound😅)
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    @mojo2012 Linux distribution aren't tied to any DE, so it's even better to say that Gnome got inspired by MacOS design.
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    @Jilano true but i said ubuntu bc they had their own unity DE which is basically ubuntu
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    @-red yeah true, apple software quality is constantly decreasing since steve is gone ...
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