Too much math ? Seriously ? Had you made the effort to atleast 'look' at them, you would see how simple they are. And just because I use the word 'equation' does not automatically make it a Volterra Integral Equation.

Could've discussed the subject at hand. But no, let's bring on the judgement. Who wants to ever discuss the subject ?

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    Hey @-red,
    Allow me to say,
    Your participant is out of capacity & / lacks acceptance concerning your work or person.
    Which must not state that said person dislikes you.
    It seems this is a general feature developing in society world wide for 5-10yrs.
    If you have the opportunity to develop / improve persons situation and got the backup, I wish you all the best.
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    Volterra integral, oof
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    People don't like to think; especially those in management.

    They react, they poorly manipulate, and they skirt/shift blame. That seems to be most of what management is. Thinking not required.
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