Wow, just wow.

The Dutch national security spy agency and also their military one are complaining that the organisation that was brought to life to check if they don't spy on innocent people (and execute illegal hacks and overstep their surveillance powers etc) is investigating too much and asking too many technical questions relating to ongoing operations.

Well, this shows that this is necessary apparently! I'm glad this organisation is doing their job.

Oh, the irony.

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    Reminds me of when the Russian Turtle said that fair and open elections were biased against republicans lmao
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    Which organisation was that?
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    @Sm4o The TIB (Toetsingscommissie Inzet Bevoegdheden)
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    Well, in the US we have our agencies not only doing that, but working to throw out our president (with plenty of evidence that they're lying about everything, but the media is on their side so most of it doesn't get reported). Be grateful for what you have, I guess.
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    @powerfulparadox They have evidence...that the president is an asshole...but it takes an asshole to do the job well...but he is an asshole...you knew he was an asshole when he was on TV...but he is an asshole...we have established this...he is an asshole...

    The Orange One will weather this. Assholes always do... (I really like him, but he can be an asshole)
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    I don't like him but I see him as necessary to fucking up the chinese-sweat-shop "slavery for profit" trade system we currently have.

    Also, doing that shifts the labor to mexico (and elsewhere), which, because of mexicos standard of living relative to say, asia, means more jobs competing for less labor, so a higher wage and living standard will follow.

    That means less young kids to serve as footsoldiers or prostitutes in the meat grinder of the cartels.

    Reference: some of my family are mexican.
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    @Wisecrack Didn't realize that was happening. It makes sense why the cartels are getting nastier these days. If it helps make Mexico better that would be awesome.
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    And when I tell people this online I get a hateful bigot all the time too. They don't even know me.

    Literally calling a polish portuguese guy (with some far back jewish ancestry) a nazi lol.
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    @Wisecrack I have come to realize that people are fucking idiots. And when they do that, they make more idiots. Then I understand things I once thought were just as insane. Learning curve I guess.
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    @linuxxx I would like to know more about the topic. Could you send the source?
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    Dutch, not Deutsch. ;-)
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