I’m sorry for my earlier rant (deleted). It was obnoxious and offensive. I was rude and stupid on a galactic level.

I was having a bad day. Cheers!

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    You were very rude in your previous rant. I couldn't digest it.

    BTW what was your previous rant about
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    How can you be that rude? OMG!!
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    Now I want to know what the rudeness was... this is worse! ;-) Hope you are doing better now.
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    Arent rants supposed to be like it?
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    Me: (something terribly shitty about certain people writing shitty code)
    devRanter 1: ... you idiot...
    devRanter 2: ...you dumb fuck...
    Me: ...change careers if you can’t take this...
    devRant 3: ...OP is stupid or disturbed...
    devRanter i: ... fuck you...
    Me: (sudden realizations that I’m being rude and dumb ... that black holes are the building blocks of the universe ... that I needed to work on memory-mapped Patricia Tries ... that I need to use my PTO ... deletes rant)

    Doing better now!
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