I'm working in a complex CMake/C++14 project.
Many libraries uses EASTL as STL replacement, works and compiles flawlessly.
Have to use Qt5 for an application which uses the libraries.
The EASTL Library fucking collapses
Compile fails, 1k of syntax errors somehow.
After hours trying to figure out without alterating the EASTL library (i don't want to maintain custom versions of 3rd party libraries, an complete burden to maintaining updated)
Remove all reference of Qt5 from the code and the build system.
It fucking compiles.
Isolate an minimal build which only uses CMake, EASTL and Hello World in Qt5.
1k of syntax errors again.
Spend hours trying to fix it, no avail, still fucking 1k syntax errors.
I'm past beyond of the project development where ALL the big libraries of the project uses EASTL extensively.
One day C++ will drive me into the depths of madness.

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    Thats something I have also seen.

    The c++ language is old by todays standard despite upgrades and one simple error can make the parser loose track and reports errors all over.

    For example a macro conflict.

    And if it is between two commonly used libraries it can cause all kinds of errors in every file.
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    you won't believe how i fixed it, around 11:53 PM decided to remove an empty Qt resource file (qrc file)

    it worked.
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