Github be like:
Want control on your files? Host your own LFS!(This goes the same even for those who are buying their storage packs for boosting their LFS storage by giving money)

FUCK THIS SHIT... I am a poor student. I also don't have a fucking credit card!! Can't you improve your system instead of asking people to host their shit themselves?

Also, why do they even have access to deleting user files??!! They literally asked me to give a sha sum of files I want to restore so they can delete the rest as one option and providing hashes of files to be deleted as another.
And the hashes are not even secret(as the files are in an open repository).

Which means, if you have a large file on a public repository and animosity with a github staff, BOOM! That file is no more!!

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    Well, you are technically giving them control of your files by hosting them on their system. That means they have the ability to do whatever they want to your files, whether their terms of service are that explicit about what they should have the authority to do to them or not. They are correct when they say that complete control of your files requires hosting them yourself.

    This doesn't mean that your complaint is entirely invalid, just that you are making a fairly significant trade-off by using their service: you give up some control for the convenience of using their storage space, bandwidth, etc. Because of this, you've given up the right to demand complete control, and will be at the mercy of how they choose to implement features, no matter how terribly they do so.
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    GitHub is basically providing free public access file storage, lfs is meant for cases where your files are way bigger than reasonable for a git-repository. They just want you to host the files that are very large yourself or at least pay them to do it. In my opinion this is quite reasonable. And i'm a dirt-poor student too.
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    No pay, no say. Welcome to reality.
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    Come on, a virtual root server costs under 10 € a month with decent 500 GB storage. Host your own git repository.
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    @Fast-Nop but that's the same policy for even those who pay
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    @powerfulparadox but may I not even delete the storage they are charging me for?
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    @EdoPhoenix I am talking about hosting my own lfs server something on the lines of digital ocean or something

    @TheCommoner282 I sure do agree. But at the same time I don't require that much of data
    Sure, it is way cheaper than what GH offers
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    @gitlog Theoretically. After all, the promise their service makes implies that function is part of the service they provide to you. However, they may be within their rights to implement the feature in such a way as to make it very annoying to do so.

    Certainly you have a strong argument that their current implementation is unnecessarily difficult to use, but as others have said, LFS is not part of their core product. They could be working on a better implementation or just not care about making a better one. It is, after all, their product, and they can make it as lousy as they want.
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    This sense of entitlement.., the world oves you nothing.
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    @aviophile hoo boy, the "wishing things were better makes you so entitled" crew showed up.

    Before Microsoft bought it, you'd just get an email when you exceeded 1GB, asking to maybe compress things. This is because people actually needed it.

    Then Microsoft, and now it's assumed you're flooding their servers with big-ass files in a DoS attack or something so now you gotta pay for it.

    Not all of us can pay for shit, either.
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