fuck mailchimp. it says its "simple" api is "easy to use" but it's actually a total bait and switch piece of bullshit. every developer at that crackhouse should fucking kill themselves, it'd do the world a big favour

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    I never managed to get their Mandril product to work. Every time I signed up for that api, they instantly banned my account and would refuse to tell me why, nor respond to my inquiries. Happened three times over six months.

    I eventually convinced management to use a different service. Surprised it took so long, but the manager in question was a fuckwit and never believed a word I said unless it was about me doing something wrong. 🙄
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    Ah mailchimp.
    The one I couldn't beat.

    I use mailgun instead and although it's a bit tedious to get up running - depending on your use case, it runs well when it does.
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    Mailchimp. Honestly how this company is not dead yet ? They literally do NOTHING good.

    Using SendGrid and I’m happy with it
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