Why should i hire a programmer when I have stack overflow????😂

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    Why go to the doctor if you can just watch a tutorial on YouTube and do the surgery by yourself...
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    @kamen true. if something goes wrong you have no idea what to do..
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    @reij Die... or something... Better be "or something".
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    i've spent 3 hours in there yesterday and i saw 1 question that was even written as a proper question.

    so my suspicion that it's turned into a networking site for nonprogrammers confirmed.
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    @Midnigh-shcode Fucking site has gone to shit. When you ask a simple question you get down voted to hell. when you try to answer something then usually the noob that posted the question will never even remember to accept your answer, and when you actually ask a legit question no one bothers to help you.
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