PHP 7.4 is around the corner 🎉

Finally some awesome new syntax candy

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    Woah, careful there. That can catch you some harm round these parts.
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    Best of luck to you in your decisions.
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    The one thing I really want is the new closure sintax. So long, 'use' keyword.

    And of course, waiting until all my favorite composer packages are compatible with 7.4.

    But of course, some people will still come out and say they hate it because 'hurr hurr php am I cool yet you guys?'
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    @nitnip why? Sure "arrow functions" are nice but the Way closures currently work is simple and elegant. You get a completly new scope which is pretty nice from a language implementation point of view. If you need anything inside, pass it explicitly with `use`. If you want ex. an array to be modified inside, pass it as a reference `&`
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