I had to do some work in an older C# repo. I see git is automatically ignoring each new class I add. After scouring the .gitignore file, I see this entry put in by one of my colleagues.

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    Close-Open principle.

    Closed for additions, Open for modifications.
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    The software is perfect as it is. Adding things will just mar the perfection that currently exists. (/S)
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    I don't think I've ever seen a gitignore that was more than 70 lines, much less 247+ wowee
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    @ElectroMantis this VS solution is a legacy monolith with 196 projects in it.
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    Ay Caramba
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    That's one hell of a gitignore
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    @powerfulparadox I unsarcastically believe that there is a point for many products where this is true, and it's much earlier in the development process than most product managers think it is.
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    @halfflat well you do want to ignore your dev .env filea
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    @bittersweet I agree, but this is not the proper way to enforce that.
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    @Mr-Myrk or build targets, or cache related files. I don’t think they quite understand it
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    @Plasticnova oh which reminds me, also IDE files, dependencies etc
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    @ElectroMantis Depending on the Build environment (IDE, Build Tools etc.) and the selected language(s) the gitignore might grow fastly. Have a look at the gitignore Repo at GitHub. There are some quite long gitignores. And maybe it also has some comments, empty lines etc.
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    @halfflat windows is the dirtiest development environment. I’m dealing with fallout from people not putting gitignores in vs projects. Holy shit it’s a ton of useless files
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