I've recently started my career after working in another industry for a few years so I'm used to white collar. Buuuut I'm already so frustrated and feel like I can't take it anymore. I don't want to work under an asshole who doesn't know what he, himself, is even talking about, has ridiculous time-wasting requirements because he's not technical at all AND takes credit for my ideas. Turnover rate is around 2 months because most people can't deal with him.

I know bad bosses are common and I also know not every workplace is like this but I'm ready to tell him to shove it and never look back. I've started a small business in the past in a non-tech industry and now I'm wondering if I should just go back to that but this time, using my development skills. I miss the freedom, the control, and the thrill of working on something that I'm uncovering as I go along.

tl;dr I have less than a year's worth of software dev experience. Should I suck it up and chug along for another couple years to get more experience or seek the startup route?

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    You can always start your business.
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    I've been there. I don't even have a bachelor, and I came from liberal arts. The first job is crucial because you get a taste of what you don't like (in my case, consultancy companies).

    Don't start your business now, since you don't have the tech and time management skills (yet).

    BUT, do switch jobs. There are so many jobs out there. And you're not doing yourself or your coworkers a favor by taking up stupid shit. Every time a tech worker takes stupid shit, it lowers the bar for everyone.

    I switched jobs 5 times in 2 years, and I'm earning more than a senior developer in my country.

    Do train your communication skills and aggressiveness. Also, use rage as a motivation. You will never feel too tired to surpass your peers.
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    @bartmr spoken like a true white collar zombie.
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