Watch Netflix for a solid 5 hours, go to sleep at 2:40 am on a school night. Wake up at 7 am to go to school. Brain feels squishy. Go to school. Have a math test, hopefully did well.
Then CS rolls around. The teacher never taught the class python, only VB. She gives up 45 (!) exercises in python due tomorrow, that we have to do. 45. So I crammed 45 badly written python programs into one evening, with a brain that had a solid 4 hours of actual sleep.
What is my existence

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    As we're compiling homeworks I'll add mine.

    -Finish German assignment about "the workings of communication in depth".

    -Create a Structogram in CS for an algorithm.

    -Finish 1.5 A4 pages of mathematical transformations and Polynoms.

    -Upload the mediation text to our school portal which is so f'd up uploading shit doesn't even work.

    -Compare 2 historical sources about the views of Muslims and Christians on the Crusades.

    -Write a comment about "Conversation - a vanishing skill?"

    My brain also hurts, in germany we have a saying, at least in my area.

    "Geteiltes leid ist halbes leid"
    "Shared suffering is half suffering"

    Consider your suffering understood and shared.
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    must be a german thing.

    i was one of those kids that almost never did homework... no regrets... its fairly useless.
    good luck getting though and prepare for christmas movies or so
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    @Ranchu thank you. I now consider my suffering halved.

    @kleopi surprise, I'm not German. Imo homework isn't reeeeeally useful but it helps some people keep the material in their head and remember stuff
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    I never did homework, idc if I get a 0, I'm not doing shit once home
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    @Lyniven well if you were in a private school you wanted to get in your whole life I bet your ass you would be doing homework
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    @shoop I was in a private school, got two bachelor and a master, now what?
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    @Lyniven well in any case, I do my hw responsibly. I find that it helps me remember and revise the material done in class
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    @Lyniven well now that A-Levels are canceled, and you get the grades from your performance during the year, graded by your teacher, doing homework was pretty good in hindsight
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    @shoop Nope. I don't do any school work out of the schedule. Even if I get a 0; I've enough advance
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    @Lyniven the teacher decides on your a level grade, so if the teacher is not too happy with you, the grade will be low, and you won't get accepted into a university later on
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