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    Theres a thin line between faking patience and being condescending.

    In the interest of equality should we not be just as patient with both women and men?
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    ... nothing is more stupid than to be angry while explaining.

    When someone really has trouble to understand, just call it a day.

    And seriously... If someone starts to patronize someone because of gender or whatever bullshit... I intervene immediately. Acting all mighty and omnipotent is the most toxic and damaging behaviour, as these people tend to give a fuck.
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    Guilty. Sorry I just have a better time when talking to girls.
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    Im kinda guilty of this too because Im scared of girls and I dont want to scare them off from a subject I think is awesome (programming or networking) by being too strict. So I have a lot more patience with them, especially if I can see she has potential. -_- It's stupid though because Im sure she can tell and I feel awful about myself because of it.
    I'm going to be better next time!
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    Solution: be patient altogether :) sometimes it's hard but perhaps if one can't keep cool at a given time, that time is not the right one to explain stuff to others
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