TLDR; Fuck those HR People

As I am near to finally finish my Bachelors Degree, I am searching for a Job to start my Career. For this my University has a yearly Event, where companies can present themselves and what Kind of Job offers they have for graduates. I had a real nice talk with a recruiter of a small Company that really fits my skills and sounded interesting. As I am a Little stresed bc of my Bachelors Degree, i wasnt able to send them my resume and stuff. But a few days later the women i talked to wrote a mail to me, that they are very interested in me and wanted to meet me at their place. Without asking me to send any docs. We decided that i will come over to them next week and then bring my resume. I was really happy bc this Job was still very interesting and i saw they pay good for their size on glassdoor.

BUT yesterday i got a mail from their Head of HR that the interview is cancelled bc they found someone else.
What? They hire someone (who is happy to get this Job now I hope) without even reading all the resumes of the interested? They asked ME to meet them and not the other way around. I have absolutely no idea how to react to this unprofessional behaviour…
Any ideas?

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    Hmm yeah, at first glance this seemed unprofessional to me, but then, how is this different than the scenario in which you got to the interview and got rejected in favour of that other person? The way this happened tells me that the other candidate was simply a better fit (e.g. more senior maybe) that there was simply no need to look at resumes of other candidates (i.e. it was somehow obvious to them that they will hire this person). This way you and them save time, and they also save resources. I mean, they sent you an e-mail to let you know, it's not like they just ignored you.
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    The Random Capitalization in this rant is really Bothering Me. Please make it Go Away.
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    @Root it's a German thing, I guess . It happens to mee too sometimes, then I just delete thr text and rewrite it completely.. Sometimes our mobile keyboards do this, because they think it's German, but it is not..

    And for the reaction, just don't react. It's all settled now and you probably can't change the results.
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