Need opinions on testing as a career:
- is it good?
- Do you find your work interesting?
- Is it rewarding(in terms of salary/timings/other stuff)?
- Does it has a good career growth?
- How hard is the work for a fresher in this?
- How much mentor support does a fresher gets in this?
- How much salaries are there in this?
- how true do you find the believe that software testing will get automated and jobs in this area will get reduced in future?
(Better if you can give a comparison in your answers, with developer profile) how tru

I am a dev and am thinking of getting into this

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    📌 Also interested
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    @Floydimus pichhli job ka gyan dijiyega
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    -> it's getting more and more automated till one day, few testers will be needed
    -> What is not automated is boringly repetitive.
    -> No creative part. You only test what others created.
    -> People from other areas can test stuff, so offer surpasses demand.
    -> It's hard to sharpen programming skills since you'll barely code, and what you'll code will be in DSL or proprietary.
    -> Low salaries

    Good points:
    -> Easy to get in. That's why everybody from engineering that didn't get a job does testing.
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    Also, testing is like graphic design. If companies can cut it, they will. Some of them don't even remember that they need something like that.

    Also, developers following TDD already test and automate stuff by themselves, so, less need for testers.
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    @bartmr @bartmr i also had si6kilar points in mind but today I received an argument from my friend regarding why testing is good.

    He believes that as long as things are getting developed , things will get tested and testers will be required. He goes on saying that samsung and many other companies hire a ton of people just for testing their stuff, and his brother's company is currently training 400 people to simply move database to local cloud and therefore a lot of being are trained for cloud testing.

    That makes me think... If we have testers in the cloud area, hardware area , game industry and almost any company reaching an elite status would want testers (irrespective of their qualifications or so i heard)

    What do you Think about that?
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    @TitanLannister Sounds like someday we will have a new area: testops. Not kidding. Your friend is right.
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    @Floydimus kon sa?
    Meko nahi dikh raha
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