TL;DR Was told to run ethernet trough ceiling with like 20 live wires and internet was down in 2 days. Yelled at "boss" and rerun it and teacher thanked us for yelling at him.

Had to run ethernet cable across school today. Me and 3 of my classmates (We are team at school which helps with tech and runs entire school internet basically) were sent to do it (ofcourse) and they told us to run it trough ceiling. OK no problem. I grab latter. WTF ? I see around 20 live wires (Isolated luckily). I ask how can i run it there since eth will not like live wires at 220V. They said to just do it.
We asked for shielded eth. Nope not getting it. Unshielded it must be.
We all knew the internet wasnt gonna be great but hey we were doing as they told us.
We did it.
Connect it and test it.
Speeds are horrific but OK fuck it.
2 days later we get call (Yes we even got a phone LOL) saying that the internet stopped working or is extremly slow. We go and test it. Indeed slow AF. Before we ran the ethernet we checked how much EM is in the ceiling. It was high but OK.
I got the idea to check again.
HOLY shit. It was literally out of scale 20 cm from the ceiling. Oh fuck.
We learnt that the backup generator charges every few days for few hours.
At the time we ran it it wasnt charging and some wires were off so it was OK but now it was charging and it was drawing a lot of power.
So after call to the idiot that told us to run it in ceiling and crash course for him about ethernet and EM and that he is an idiot we gave him 2 options. Either rerun the internet and drill like 20 holes or buy shielded cable but with that high EM (Eth is like 3cm from live wires) even shielded woudlnt help i suppose.
So we rerun it where there was almost no EM and used shielded (FTP cable) just to be sure. Oh would you look at that. Full speed as its supposed to be.
Everybody at school hates that idiot who told us to run it there and when we came to our room teacher was waiting and just told us that finally somebody said something to that idiot.
Bloody amazing feeling.

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    I agree totally: While for "home" cables unshielded wire is usually acceptable, it is often not in businesses.

    I recently connected a SAN appliance (for everyone not familiar with it: a storage server with mostly redundant components, requiring a lot of power).
    One of the cables for the management interfaces was directly behind the power-supply of it (and those appliances have big power supplies, as single of them must be able to power effectively two servers).
    Accidentally I used an unshielded Ethernet cable at first: It was impossible to use the web interface, even the telnet one barely worked.
    Took another (S/FTP) cable, it worked like a charm.
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    Congrats @Haxk20 - you win the internet today (quite literally).
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    @theKarlisK That was a fucking good one i must give you that. HAHAHA
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    Does it help if you run the wiring non-parallel to other wiring ?
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    Shielded cable / CAT 6 and there will be no surprises.


    Downtime, worktime for replacement, worktime for EM measurement, worktime for checking cables, worktime for checking transfer... And so on.

    There is nothing to gain from cheap cables - except pain.
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    @IntrusionCM CAT 6 does not mean shielded, but Gigabit capable under certain conditions.

    There are many CAT 6 UTP cables out there.
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    @sbiewald Should read as an and... Yes, you are right.
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    What the fuck, reading this and not knowing shit makes me feel bad for taking my home internet for granted.
    I'm now gonna move the wire near this large electricity pole and check the effects.
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    @confusionsays if you have shielded cable the effect wont be much but surely will be there.
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