If kinda curious about the Blazor Framework of Microsoft about the c# replacement. I'm a designer heavily concern about animation on the web, for what i have know till this day. Animation on the web was made by CSS and JS, and if c# replace js. That means all the toys libraries will be gone and we have to reinvents the wheel all over again.

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    WebAssembly won't replace JS but supplement it and it'll create user expirience not possible today.
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    @heyheni that means I still able to use Javascript inside Blazor if necessary ?
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    @StrypperJason I don’t know about Blazor itself, but JS and WebAssembly are meant to be complementary, not exclusive.

    You have ways to call WASM code from JS and you can probably do the same from the other side even with Blazor.
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    @StrypperJason Blazor may not be the answer. i feel like the idea of replacing JS with a compiled language is a bit overkill for large portions of the internet which is simply lots of text, images and forms. You don't need to run compiled languages in order to do bits of basic logic on a webpage.

    Blazor or similar web frameworks may be a good use case for a web application that needs to do something heavier like say a portal of "WebAssembly games". You would write the games in something like C#/Java or even lowers C/C++/Rust and then basic stuff like user logins, form submissions and flashy dynamic design stuff would be handled by JS.
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    Blazor is a web app framework, not a graphics engine. If you want to do animations, you'll still use css/js.
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