Have you worked on a project that you know will deliberately make people's lives miserable?

I know this is very broad, but you catch my drift.

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    One of my projects certainly made life miserable for some bank robbers when they picked the same bank for their third and last time.
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    Yes. https://workplace.stackexchange.com/...

    There was a lot of drama involved with this job too. That's why I've quit and I'm currently undergoing therapy while I'm on my new one.

    I realized that Conway's Law is very much true: the app will reflect the organization. Ugly apps. Ugly organization.
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    I had two.
    One was wher i thought that the features ware useless and we ware waisting our time on them given the tight deadline. Still i had to grit my teeth and finish them.
    Another one was more on a moral bases. I had no room to voice my feelings. Still i was placed on less critical parts of it. And because we had so little time its a miricle it works.
    Still both left a sour taste in my mouth, one more then the other. Still with the first one i can rub it in their face and say i told you so.
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    Not miserable but perhaps shorter.
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    Yeah, RPA, loads of employees were booted
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    Imagine being the guy who worked on the great fire wall of china.

    Hes probably loaded with money.

    Oh, that wasn't the question?

    Woops, got caught up in the fantasy of being a rich dictator.

    Time to go play some Tropico.
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    Not sure if it counts, but the admin module of our app was also supposed to be designed as a mass marketing email sender cause the client requested it. That wouldn't be so bad as they also asked us to implement the unsubscribe link in the mail, the nasty part is that the client also requested a checkbox on his end that enables him to ignore the people who unsubscribed and still send them the marketing emails...
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    An incredibly inflexible maintenance app for McDonald's that we (the freelance devs) tested with scenarios and almost none of them could be done without reporting random things just so the numbers add up.

    BTW I can name them because, over the course of a year, I haven't seen a contract to tell me otherwise.

    Now that I think of it, I have almost 1.5 years of experience from 3 different companies and none of them gave me a contract.
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    Thats kind of scary to be honest. Like, what does it say about the industry as a whole?
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    I make private softwares / webapps that aim to replace human work, so I guess yes because a lot of people got fired.
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    @Lyniven I guess there life was already miserable working dead-end jobs. 🤔
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    Their* lives* were*
    Fuck my illiterate brain and my sleepy eyes!
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