Cloud computing is so theoretical and boring :/

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    Yeah it's so nebulous... haha!
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    How was your diwali?
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    @heyheni profitable and interesting. Why?
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    Whyso? :)
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    @linuxxx i cannot visualize anything or understand usage of many stuff. Everything is defined with just a few similar looking words:
    "this is an ec2 instance. it is supposed to be individual, private running vm"
    "this is a virtual private cloud for protecting your security"
    " this is elastic block memory. it will keep on running w/o instance"
    " this is a region ...availability zone.... data center "

    private, elastic, virtual,security, storage, ... these are the words that i keep on hearing for defining anything. and all i have is a website showing red-green dots & number tables .

    so much stuff have to be made just to be able to get a small url to a web page or database i created.Even though these stuff are created as a practical implementation to long security thesis and research papers , their documentation does not make it easy to visualize and the original papers or books are
    so difficult to understand
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    @TitanLannister You don't NEED an a cloud to publish a website. As far as I'm aware, a cloud is a distributed system (across one or multiple servers, racks, data centers (and/or)) which you won't need for a simple website.

    When you want/need to setup something more complex, you might have to dive into it some more and it takes practice to get there (own experience).

    An EC2 (Amazon's Elastic Compute cloud (Elastic search I think?)) instance running in a private VM (VM = Virtual Machine aka a VPS (Virtual Private Server) sounds reasonable, a virtual private cloud for protecting your security sounds reasonable with buzzwords.

    I agree that it sounds quire vague but once you start looking into it it'll get more clear probably (if you find that boring, well, that's subjective so I its kinda hard to help you with that)!

    I personally run +-25-30 servers but its definitely not a cloud (yet). I configure stuff by hand and my websites are on servers running Linux (Ubuntu server mostly), NGINX (webserver), PHP and MySQL/MongoDB. (Of course more than that with security and all included but this is the general stack I use).
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